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Elke S. Stangeland
  Sansenes Kjøkken - Sjelens lyst illustrasjon

"Sansenes kjøkken" - or the Pleasure of the Soul - is a small restaurant with a flair for good food, run by Elke S. Stangeland. The restaurant is now complete with its own gallery.

”Sansenes kjøkken” is located at Skansenvollen’s Bårstua, in Tromsø. Lunch/supper and dinners are served, of greater or smaller quantities and specialities. Here you can enjoy Thai, Indian, Mediterranean, African, canapes, Sushi, wild boar, goat meat, lamb, etc.

Skansen is home to stunt cooking, music, song, stories and grand happenings. My basic idea is to prepare food that I enjoy, based upon fresh and local ingredients, and seasoned with my special mixture of herbs and imagination.

The chef on the move –
Elke Stangeland, cellphone (47) 95 82 42 56

illustrasjon forside
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