Skansenvollen restaureres og er helt ferdig i løpet av høsten 2004.

Hovedhuset blir festivalsenter fra årsskiftet 2004/2005. Sommeren 2005 blir det uteservering. Med værforbehold blir det storgrilling ute av hele lam, geit og villsvin!

Skansen åpnes offisielt som 1000-årsstedet for byen i løpet av sommeren 2005.

Skansen and Bårstua in English:

Today’s Skansen is built upon the remains of what was once a small 13th-century fortress. Archaelogical diggings have unearthed old ropes that, according to C-14 analysis, date from approximately 1250 AD. The main building was constructed in 1793 as a residence and office for the first customs officer in Tromsø. This house has the same original layout as it once did, but some parts of its exterior have been changed. Through the years, Skansen has been used as a school, field hospital, home for the elderly and a city museum. Skansen was chosen to represent the city’s millenial site in 2000. Today the site is protected as an ancient monument.

The name “Bårstua” was originally called “bordstua” in Norwegian, referring to a building with simple exterior boarding. Bårstua was built in the late 18th-century, and was intended for servants working at Skansen. The original building consisted of one floor. Servants washed clothes and prepared meals here, something which proved to be even more important when Skansen was used as a field hospital in the mid-1800s. The oven that you see is a copy of the original oven that once existed here.